Welcome to Jacy

This is the new place for Jacy, the open source Japanese HPSG grammar. Via the Trac system on, there is now a world-readable subversion repository for the Jacy source code as well as a ticketing system. You may also register to this trac system to gain write access.

Remote access to the Jacy subversion repository is possible e.g. via

svn checkout jacy

This checks out the current stable version (trunk) to the local directory jacy.

The main documentation for Jacy is at the DELPHIN wiki:

It would be nice if you'd give a short feedback about the usage of the grammar.


JACY is licensed under the MIT license.

Copyright (c) 1997-2006 Melanie Siegel, Emily Bender, Stephan Oepen; Copyright (c) 2007- Francis Bond, Chikara Hashimoto

Maintainer: Francis Bond <bond@…>

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